Our Policy to Recruit the Very Best: To ensure that we continue to deliver the highest standards of service, we only recruit the best lawyers, staff and students to be part of our team. We have strong ties with leading universities and are often the number one choice for applying candidates and students seeking internships, who regularly choose us over other local or international firms.

Our Entrepreneurial Spirit: Our team embodies the characteristics of a start-up with the drive to keep going and see things through. Our team members, whether be it our lawyers, support staff, or translators, are innovative, are in-tune with their passion, and optimistic about the practice. These characteristics translate to having a great working atmosphere and client service, and a constant drive to develop new solutions that work for our clients and for the legal industry as a whole.

Diversity: We are proud that our team is composed of lawyers and staff members from various backgrounds and nationalities. We believe that this diversity is key to our breadth of experience and well-roundedness of our legal advice. We are also blazing the trail in hiring and retaining the best female lawyers in Saudi Arabia. We believe that our ability to function at the very highest level of our profession is significantly enhanced by building a team of lawyers who are male and female and with a broad range of racial and personal backgrounds.

Training and Development Opportunities: Our boutique law firm model presents new opportunities for our lawyers and support professionals to train with and develop their careers in a practice with critical mass, as opposed to a local representative office or a small office that is not capable of providing meaningful training. We also take full use of working with international firms to offer training opportunities and second our lawyers to their offices.

Fully-Equipped Support Team: We have built and continuously invest in our fully-equipped team of support professionals, as we believe that these team members are key to the delivery of the highest quality legal services. From a team of in-house translators, finance managers, public relations officers, and a full-time human resource advisor, we have the tools necessary to continue building our practice.

Flexibility of business model: We allow experienced, high calibre lawyers with varying career aspirations to have flexible working hours, part time arrangements, remote work arrangements, external consultant status, all while delivering the best in legal expertise to our clients

  • Legal Operations Specialist

    Job Description:The role of an LOS at Khoshaim & Associates is exciting, challenging and rewarding. Working alongside leading lawyers, Khoshaim & Associates recognizes that LOSs are an important part of the team. Our LOSs are required to provide a professional and efficient legal administrative service to Partners and other fee earners.

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  • Associate Dispute Resolution

    Job Description:To join the office’s legal team as an associate and lead part of the litigation team on complex contentious actions at various judicial committees and courts.

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  • Intern

    Job Description:To join the office’s training program in your respective field, whether it be law, translation, marketing or finance.

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    Front of House Manager

    Job Description:The role of an FOH at Khoshaim & Associates ensures that all clients and K&A team members are dealt with efficiently and professionally; ensuring they are provided with high standards of customer service at all times by personally taking responsibility for their requests, to anticipate and understand clients’ needs.

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