Dispute Resolution

As one of the leading Saudi Arabian law firms, K&A’s Dispute Resolution team’s experience provides you with all your legal dispute needs together by their profound knowledge and an eminent practical experience to lead you to a crafted conclusion.

A pre-eminent litigation and arbitration practice – we have one of the country’s leading litigation and arbitration practices, and an established track record of achieving successful outcomes for our clients.

Shari’ah expertise – we boast a team of veteran Saudi Arabian qualified lawyers, with experience in the intricacies of Shari’ah and its various schools. Our lawyers can access complex Arabic only sources and have graduated from prestigious local and international universities. A deep understanding of Saudi Arabian regulations – We therefore bring that expertise to our litigation practice which gives us an edge over the more “litigation-only” firms of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Experience at various courts and committees – we have appeared before the Board of Grievances, the General Courts, the Commercial Court, the Enforcement Court, the Committee for the Resolution of Securities Disputes, the Banking Disputes Committee, the Tax Committees, and a host of other courts or judicial committees. We understand their processes and can effectively navigate their respective bureaucracies.

Experience at Arbitration - we have successfully represented and defended our clients in various complex areas that include construction, energy, telecommunications, securities, employment, insurance, and real estate sectors before local and international arbitration institutions such as International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes and International Court of Arbitration.  We have also successfully represented and defended local and international conglomerates that landed from a wide range of nationalities which includes the United States of America, Sweden, Norway, France, the Netherlands, China and Japan.    

Licenses and oral advocacy – our litigation team is fully licensed in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and attends hearings themselves. We do not outsource oral arguments or interaction with courts and have argued and appeared at over three hundred hearings. This offers you a significant advantage, in comparison with many other firms which routinely instruct external advocates, because you know that the advocates presenting your case have worked with you from day one and know the matter inside and out.

Strategic planning and proceeding – we assist our clients on building strategic plan to achieve their pursuit and objective at all phases that include litigation-avoidance, litigation, arbitration, or other alternative dispute resolutions. 

Contributing to the legal framework and setting precedents – we lead the market in shaping litigation and commercial arbitration. Our managing Partner, Zeyad Khoshaim, was founding member of the board of the Saudi Centre for Commercial Arbitration, which aims to establish Saudi Arabian-based arbitration as a viable and effective forum for dispute resolution.

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